Colors von Beck




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Label: Capitol Records (CAP)
Your typical Beck album throws a gazillion ideas, sounds and hooks at listeners, and Colors certainly is no different. In fact, the record very well could be his most sonically phantasmagorical to date. One minute, the wildly versatile singer-songwriter and tunesmith builds throbbing, neon-splashed walls of electro-psychedelia riddled with tasty breaks ("Colors"); the next, he pours all his modern anxieties and worries into moving, Beatles-kissed pop-rock full of crisp guitar lines ("Dear Life"). Beck also flashes his chameleon-like genius when he gives legendary yacht rocker Michael McDonald a run for his money on "Square One," punchy but also shimmering dance-pop that features a blue-eyed soul falsetto straight out of the early '80s.

Über dieses Album


Über dieses Album

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