In My Mind von B.J. The Chicago Kid


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Label: Motown (Capitol)
BJ the Chicago Kid’s major label debut follows years of yeoman work for LA rappers like Schoolboy Q, for whom he sang the chorus on the hit single “Studio.” However, his In My Mind eschews R&B formula. On “Church” he sings, “She says she wants to drink, do drugs and have sex tonight/But I’ve got church in the morning.” He finds solace in the Biblical story of the Hebrew prophet “Jeremiah,” delivers a rootsy soul track reminiscent of D’Angelo on “Turnin’ Me Up,” and his “Falling on My Face” resembles Bonnie Raitt’s adult contemporary staple “I Can’t Make You Love Me.” “Cupid’s too busy in the club,” BJ laments on album standout “The New Cupid.” His attempts to balance love and spirituality make In My Mind a worthy listen.

Über dieses Album


Über dieses Album

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