Just Charlie von Charlie Wilson


Just Charlie

Charlie Wilson

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Label: Jive
On his fifth solo album, released a month shy of his 58th birthday, this senior soul citizen again avoids the monster funk stomps of Gap Band days, instead opting for string-laden urban ballads and wafting mid-tempos, often about being lucky in love: Opener "My Girl Is A Dime" and closer "Lotto" are a matched pair, even if 10 cents is hardly a jackpot. Charlie Auto-Tune-croons Zapp-master Roger Troutman's 1987 hit "I Wanna Be Your Man," too. But the real highlights are the warmly grooving grown-folks-steppin'-out dancer "Life Of The Party" and "Where Would I Be," a cotton-candy-sweet slow one.

Über dieses Album


Über dieses Album

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