GOB von Dels




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Label: Big Dada
With production from Kwes and Hot Chip's Joe Goddard (who also sings backup on "Trumpalump"), Dels' Gob is a minefield of whirring 8-bit melodies and slumping bass. But the U.K. emcee is more than capable of riding these beats. He not only evokes the sensation of rhyming on "Shapeshift," but also remembers working a minimum-wage job, "manager's in my face when he shouts and sprays," on "Hydronenburg." Much like U.K. rappers like Roots Manuva (who also appears on "Capsize"), Dels is a bit of a depressive, but at least he's fighting for his life, and making ecstatic music in the process.

Über dieses Album


Über dieses Album

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