On My One von Jake Bugg


On My One

Jake Bugg

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Label: Virgin Emi
On My One is a supremely rewarding, if significantly quirky release for the feisty singer/songwriter from Nottingham, England. While the album contains a handful of nuggets that jibe with the working-class folk rock sound captured on his first two albums (these include a truly haunted title track), it also comes littered with myriad novelties that find him boldly breaking his own mold. Powered by high-energy acid house funk, “Gimme the Love” is a straight-up club banger deeply inspired by vintage Madchester. “Love, Hope and Misery” is a resplendently tragic slice of baroque pop dipped in young heartbreak and lined with gooey, sentimental strings nicked from mid ’60s Bee Gees. But maybe the best of all is “Livin’ Up Country,” a rickety, bucolic pub rocker replete with pedal steel and shuffling twang -- Brinsley Schwarz would be stoked.

Über dieses Album


Über dieses Album

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