Antiadore von Lacrimas Profundere


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Label: Napalm Records
Melding '80s Sisters Of Mercy, Cult, Billy Idol and Depeche Mode drama into a goth-metal alloy slightly heavier than HIM's, this lipsticky German foursome may well sound as dark and romantic in 2013 as they did back in 1995. But their old flutes and violins are missed, and the emo often gets the best of them: "We try to conquer fears but we end up in tears," boo hoo. Intermittently chunky guitars intersperse with sparkly music-box space over synthy drums and occasional light industrial effects; toward the end ("Remembrance Song," "Words," "Doomed and Unarmed"), momentum finally picks up some.

Über dieses Album


Über dieses Album

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