Strut von Lenny Kravitz


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Label: Roxie Records, Inc.
Strut finds Lenny Kravitz filtering his funkified sex-rock through polished new-wave tropes that recall everything from early Duran Duran to Mike Chapman-produced Blondie. In fact, on the record's second cut, "The Chamber," he gives a shout-out to the latter's "Heart of Glass" (which surely inspired the song's purring Italo pulse). Though the record doesn't find Kravitz unleashing much in the way of Are You Gonna Go My Way-style hard rock, he manages to whip up a riff or two on "Dirty White Boots," on which he howls to his kinky lover, "We're going to get it on in your dirty white boots."

Über dieses Album


Über dieses Album

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