GO:OD AM von Mac Miller



Mac Miller

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Label: Warner Records
When Mac Miller sails in over the florid melodies and choruses of “Brand Name,” it seems as if GO:OD AM could be his sellout moment. Thankfully, the album shifts into quirkier offerings. Lil B offers spoken word advice on “Time Flies,” “Two Matches” has a buttery groove reminiscent of Pro Era, and “Jump” has a candied EDM thump. Lyrically, Miller’s the same bro: “I wake up with the taste of p*ssy still in my mouth” he claims on “Break the Law.” But as he brings out the trap hammers for “Cut the Check” and “In the Bag,” there’s a lingering sweetness that betrays his desire to smash the pop charts.

Über dieses Album


Über dieses Album

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