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Primal Scream

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Label: Ignition Records
After 2013's More Light, a truly mind-altering descent into churning motoric and gooey psychedelia, Chaosmosis finds Primal Scream embracing the joys of lighthearted ear candy. The result is a glassy convergence of electro and dream pop that's all about Friday night thrills. Shimmering opener "Trippin' on Your Love" sets the stage with house-flavored keys, slinky funk groove and fizzy backing vocals courtesy of L.A. trio HAIM. "(Feeling Like a) Demon Again" is just as alluring: Streamlined synth-pop that finds the middle ground between LCD Soundsystem and "Heart of Glass"-era Blondie. Though Primal Scream has always considered itself an alternative/indie act first and foremost, the Scots skirt awfully close to straight-up dance pop on several cuts. The most fun is "Where the Light Gets In"; amid a rush of sparkling arpeggios and thumping bass, the velvety voiced Bobby Gillespie teams up with Sky Ferreira for a fabulous ode to ecstasy and euphoria.

Über dieses Album


Über dieses Album

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