My life von Sia Tolno


My life

Sia Tolno

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Label: Lusafrica
Think you know Afro-pop? Sia Tolno begs to differ, and she'll convince you in just four tracks. My Life bursts open with the belching saxes of "Blamah Blamah," full of rippling marimbas and uncontainable joy. Then "Odju Watcha" throws on some ringing, sunnily politicized classic Afro-pop. Then "Di Ya Leh" makes you think with its quiet interlocking guitars and soulful grace. Finally, the title track breaks your heart and puts it back together with a wistful accordion and Tolno's swooping, hopeful sob. The rest of this Guinean singer's autobiographical album is, if not as gut-grabbing, just as delightful.

Über dieses Album


Über dieses Album

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