Arms & Hammers von Strong Arm Steady


Arms & Hammers

Strong Arm Steady

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Label: Element 9
Arms and Hammers gestated for years, then was put on hold as Strong Arm Steady connected with eccentric producer Madlib for 2010's In Search of Stoney Jackson. That standout effort casts a shadow over the group's third album, an unapologetically street effort more characteristic of its usual material. However, Krondon, Phil the Agony and Mitchy Slick sound more comfortable amid the West Coast beat slaps of "Can't Let It Go," "Klack or Get Klacked" and "Had Enough." Even if the album's creative palette is purposely limited, all the better to pump SAS' vision of West Coastin' "Trunk Music."

Über dieses Album


Über dieses Album

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