Hot Cakes von The Darkness


Hot Cakes

The Darkness

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Label: [PIAS]
Justin Hawkins' voice can't reach the stratospheric highs heard on Permission to Land and One Way Ticket to Hell... and Back; nevertheless, he's still an audacious howler with a penchant for lyrical absurdity. In terms of sonic attack, the band continues to roll Queen into Thin Lizzy into Mott The Hoople. However, they've definitely eased up on the frilly decadence. This means the tunes don't rope you in quite as effortlessly as they once did. Still, there are plenty of hooks to be enjoyed. As a matter of fact, the Jellyfish-tackles-Tusk chug-a-lug of "Keep Me Hangin' On" is packed full of them.

Über dieses Album


Über dieses Album

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